WebDAV is an extension of the HTTP protocol that provides the ability to comfortably work with remote files. To date, all operating systems implement this protocol in one form or another. ZeroCDN.com will provide full WebDAV support for most existing clients.

Attention! By default, the user cannot upload more than 5 files per minute. To remove this restriction, you must contact the administration.

Access details

Most applications just need to specify the path http://[USER].mng.zerocdn.com/, username and password.

Userusername ZeroCDN.com
Password The api key password is set in the cdn web interface settings

Working with zones

By default, the connection will be made to the nearest zone ZeroCDN.com, to control this behavior, you must use the URL of the required zone to connect.

The following zones are currently available:

Russia Moscowhttp://[USER].msk.ru.mng.zerocdn.com/
Belarus Minskhttp://[USER].minsk.by.mng.zerocdn.com/
Russia Krasnoyarskhttp://[USER].kry.ru.mng.zerocdn.com/
Belarus Minsk2http://[USER].minsk2.by.mng.zerocdn.com/
USA Restonhttp://[USER].rst.us.mng.zerocdn.com/
Belarus Minsk3http://[USER].minsk3.by.mng.zerocdn.com/
Russia Moscow2http://[USER].msk2.ru.mng.zerocdn.com/
Russia Ryazanhttp://[USER].rzn.ru.mng.zerocdn.com/
Russia Rostov-na-Donuhttp://[USER].rnd.ru.mng.zerocdn.com/
Russia Tverhttp://[USER].tvr.ru.mng.zerocdn.com/
Russia Krasnodarhttp://[USER].krd.ru.mng.zerocdn.com/
Ukraine Kievhttp://[USER].kiev.ua.mng.zerocdn.com/
USA Miamihttp://[USER].mia.us.mng.zerocdn.com/


Advantages of using WebDAV ZeroCDN.com:

  • the ability to connect as a system drive;
  • unlimited upload speed;
  • unlimited download speed;
  • unlimited download size;
  • unlimited storage size.