1. The account is debited at least once a minute, based on:
    • CHF 0.0013 / 24/60/1073741824 with an accuracy of 28 characters and rounding up for one byte in the storage;
    • CHF 0.0031 / 1073741824 accurate to 28 characters and rounding up for one byte of transmitted data.
  2. When the balance reaches zero, downloading the user's files is blocked.
  3. After the download is blocked, the user's files are not deleted, but are stored for another 7 days. For storage of files during this time, payment will be charged in full. In this case, the user's balance may go into deficit.
  4. If the user refuses to pay, the files are deleted one week after reaching a zero balance. After deleting files, the user account is reset

Limitation of liability

  1. No compensation is provided for damage resulting from the use of the service.
  2. It is possible to negotiate the SLA (service level) by signing an individual agreement with ZeroCDN.
  3. It is not allowed to download files, the content of which is prohibited by the laws of the country in which they will be posted.
  4. Upon receipt of complaints about controversial content posted to ZeroCDN, the user is given 24 hours to resolve it. The ZeroCDN administration reserves the right to delete the disputed file on its own.

Trial use

  1. Provided for new users only.
  2. CHF 0.65 are credited to the account of the new user, this is enough for:
    • payment storage ~ 8GB files for a month,
    • payment ~ 100GB of traffic.
  3. By default, the user cannot upload more than 5 files per minute. To remove this restriction, you must contact the administration.